Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In order to carry out any transaction through the e-shop of FRUCTUS E.E. and to place orders for the company’s products, the disclosure of certain personal data by the customer will be requested. When placing an order, the full name, the shipping address of the products, the billing address of the order (in case it is different from the shipping address), the invoicing data (in case payment by invoice has been selected), the number of a contact telephone, your e-mail address and in cases where payment is made by credit card, the number, the expiry date of the card and the three-digit security code will be requested.

The credit card details are not stored in the company’s storage media during the transaction, but are entered directly in the secure environment of the partner company PIRAEUS SA, which is responsible for card routing.

Any personal data that you provide anywhere on the pages and services of the FRUCTUS E.E. website are intended solely to ensure the operation of the respective service and may not be used by any third party, without complying with the provisions of Law 2472/97 on the protection of personal data processing, as it is in force at any time. The online store operates in accordance with the current Greek and European legislation and especially in the light of the European Regulation 2016/679. It also securely stores your personal data for as long as you are registered with a service of PIRAEUS SA, which are deleted after the termination of the transaction relationship in any way. The personal data that you declare in the online store are used exclusively by the store or its affiliated companies, for the purpose of supporting, promoting and executing the transaction relationship. The makes use of the information you provide during the online submission of the form in order to contact you regarding (i) the delivery of the order to your place, (ii) for confirmation and identification of the customer in any necessary case, (iii) for new or alternative products offered by FRUCTUS E.E. (iv) special offers of FRUCTUS E.E., (v) offers and news of FRUCTUS E.E. (vi) receipt of gifts after a competition draw. You may choose whether or not you wish to receive such communications from by sending your request by e-mail to

Your registration of your personal data means that you consent to the use of such data by the employees of FRUCTUS E.E. for the purposes mentioned above. The data kept in the file may be communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legitimate request and in accordance with the legal provisions in force at the time. The Customer has, within the framework of the legislation on telecommunications privacy, the rights of information and objection provided for in Articles 11 to 13 of Law no. 2472/1997 and the right to complain to the Independent Authority for Personal Data Protection.

If you are under the age of majority before deciding whether or not to accept these terms and conditions, you should study them with your parent or guardian and fully understand them, both you and your parent or guardian. Acceptance of the terms and conditions by your parent or guardian will be taken to mean that they are consenting to them on your behalf. Parents or guardians are advised to supervise their children when using the Internet and mobile or other devices. If you invite your children to use the service, you are providing your consent to these terms and conditions on their behalf.

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