Shipping policy

Shipping policy

1. Place and time of delivery
Our company cooperates with the following transport companies:SPEEDEX

We accept orders for deliveries within the territory of the Greek State. Orders are executed within a working eight-hour period (9:00am – 5:00pm) except Saturday & Sunday, holidays and public holidays. The times of the routes of each shipment are unilaterally determined by the cooperating Courier Companies and communicated to the customer. The delivery time depending on the product and the place of delivery is approximately 1-4 working days.

It is understood that in case of force majeure events, such as indicative and not limiting earthquakes, floods, fires, etc., the delivery time may be longer without the Company’s liability for compensation to the customer. In this case FRUCTUS EE will inform the customer by any appropriate means. In addition, it is possible to collect the order (upon request) from the stores that FRUCTUS EE has, under the distinctive title EXERETON.

2. Delivery cost
The products and services delivered after the sale are sent to the address and recipient that the customer has indicated when placing the order, which has been accepted by FRUCTUS EE.

3. Delivery method
The sold products are delivered to the place chosen by the customer before the completion of the order and the conclusion of the sales contract, according to the relevant delivery options provided on the website of the e-shop of FRUCTUS EE. The delivery to the place of the customer’s choice is carried out by FRUCTUS EE’s cooperating Courier Companies and is carried out either in the hands of the customer himself, or to a third party authorised by him. After the delivery of the sold products to the customer or his authorised representative, the risk of loss, damage or destruction is transferred from FRUCTUS EE to the customer/buyer. The customer must check the purchased products upon receipt and declare in writing that he has received them properly. In the event of non-receipt of the products by the customer, FRUCTUS EE reserves the right to withdraw from the contract.

4. Retention of ownership
The ownership of the sold and delivered products remains with FRUCTUS EE, until the full and complete payment of the total price by the customer.

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